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Women Holding Hands

Advocates for Stronger Communities


For over 2 years, and with the help of our dedicated volunteers, staff, and partners, we have achieved tangible results around the world and rebuilt resilient communities around the Lowcountry, and world. 

About Lowcountry Love

Lowcountry Love was founded by Toni Vanschoyck & Jay Treloar in 2018.

Lowcountry Love was designed to run the same way we run our business—on our terms. The biggest impact of that is 100% of all funds and donations are awarded directly to those who need them.

To date, we’ve helped thousands of individuals throughout the United States, and internationally, including many of whom were impacted by natural disasters, women, and children. This help comes in the way of providing food, water, emergency supplies, and cash donations to those in need.

We also partner with local communities and global organizations to expand our reach and passionately deliver from our collective hearts.


"Jay and I created Lowcountry Love to empower others to live independent lives. We believe everyone should live free of poverty, disease, and hunger. We want to share our hearts in a way that directly advances this cause and benefits those in need."

-Toni Vanschoyck, pictured above with Jay Treloar

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