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What We Do


Through community and volunteer engagement, we focus on helping families and individuals recover faster from any situation, using our Smart Response strategy. In doing so, we strengthen both our volunteers and the communities in which we serve.

Forest Fire

Natural & Weather-Related Disasters

We are there are on the front lines anytime communities around the world are facing the aftermath of natural disasters around the country.

Our Smart Response Strategy

We developed this strategy to give our teams a clear path to success on how we address and intervene when a community or a group of individuals is facing unfortunate and uncertain circumstances. We understand the frustration and loss of hope that communities feel during these times, and our priorities are to help them recover efficiently, and become stronger. 

Call Center Headset


We immediately respond to communities impacted by natural disasters by engaging volunteers, partners, and local communities to help families rebuild homes, and engage in activities such as providing food and resources to those in need.

Lending a Helping Hand


Where needed, we make a long-term commitment and engage our trained volunteers to work with the community to rebuild disaster-resilient homes, schools, daycare facilities, and community centers – the hubs of every community.



We live in the communities where we serve and become a part of them. As we do, our volunteers and partners, uncover new ways to help, which invariably brings new ideas and creative solutions.

Become a Volunteer


Volunteers are the driving force in our ability to serve disaster-affected communities around the world. Sign up today to join our network of diverse, dedicated and inspiring volunteers.

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